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Repair Services

Fast and Reliable Calibration Services Done On-Site at Your Facility.

At Magnetherm, we understand that every piece of equipment goes through an "asset lifecycle." From the moment you purchase a tool or equipment, it serves its purpose, undergoes calibration, and is ready to be used again.


However, over time, it's possible for the equipment to deviate from the manufacturer's specifications or industry quality standards. When that happens, our professional repair services come into play.

We specialize in repairing a wide range of tools and equipment. We take the equipment in need of repair to our advanced lab, where we conduct a comprehensive evaluation to assess its condition. Based on our evaluation, we provide an estimate of the repair costs. We determine the necessary scope of work and identify any parts that may require replacement. If requested by our customers, we carry out the repairs in our fully-equipped laboratory.

Trust Magnetherm for expert equipment repair services to keep your tools and equipment in optimal condition.

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 Get your equipment installed, calibrated, and certified by our team.

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