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Calibration Services

We offer calibration & certification services

UsCalibration offers a wide range of calibration services for a variety of medical and electronic instruments:

  • Weight

  • Pressure

  • Flow

  • Force

  • Torque

  • Temperature

Our calibration services are performed by experienced and certified technicians using state-of-the-art equipment. We are committed to providing our customers with accurate and reliable calibration services.

All calibrations are performed with certified NIST traceable standards. We provide documentation of the test results, along with a calibration sticker that references the documentation. Calibration services are performed on-site. Inspection services are also available.


Calibration categories include metal detector validation, temperature, weight in motion, weighing devices, force/tension, mass, liquid flow viscosity, and RPM count. Some of the devices calibrated/serviced include metal detectors, hardness testers, fryability testers, tensiometers, thermocouples, flowmeters, thermometers/thermocouples / RTDs / ovens/chart recorders, and other temperature measuring devices.

Common Devices We Service

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